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After the last tournament of the season we have our anglers of the year. Both anglers have worked very hard and finished well all year and have lead the race for most of the year. Look for profiles on them soon.

Congratulations to our boater Angler of the Year Patrick F. Davis who in nine tournaments brought 20 fish for 30.35 pounds and a total of 245 points. Patricks big fish of the yeaer was a 2.85 pound largemouth durring his January win at Lake Havasu. Durring the season Patrick had two wins two seconds and a third. Great job Patrick!

Congratulations also to Ol Biggun, Kyle "Buedreaux" Linton who is our non boater Angler of the Year. Kyle fished all of the tournaments this year and racked up an impressive 290 points with five firsts, a second and three thirds on the season. He brought in a total of 25 fish weighing 42.90 pounds. Way to go Buedreaux!

Hats off to everyone who participated in the race for Angler of the year this year. The next tournament is the last for the year, the top ten classic out of Windsor beach on Lake Havasu. The anglers in bold type below have qualified for that tournament. Great job and good luck!



Final Season standings 

Boater Total Points 
Patrick F. Davis 245
Gary Rank 215
John James 208
Mick Ratcliff 165
Brent Becker 140
Charlie Horton 131
Tyler Brinks 129
Mike Roser 112
Dave Hoover 104
Keith Ferlanie 83
Tom Puleo 65
Lenny Helmbolt 58
Mike Simon 40
John Mackey 34
Jason Anderson 33
James Broughton 33
Steve Pike 33
Alex Kukis 33
Vince Gennaro 31
Ron Resler 29
Larry Skaggs 29
Alan Maynard 10


Non Boater Total Points 
Kyle "Buedreaux" Linton 290
Paul Williams 208
Craig Mackey 184
Carlito Silvania 165
Alex Greisdorf 107
Jim Daniel 99
Marty Hoza 71
Frank Wasson 71
Mike James 66
Phil Freeman 39
Nicole Stark 35
Kevin Guadalupe 34
Shawn Peterson 34
Mike Guerrero 33
Vincent Gennaro 31
Brandan Jardine 30
Mike Lafavor 29
Scott Martin 5
Jim McCarty 5

Big Fish of the Season

Alex Greisdorf's 4.00 pound largemouth at Lake Mohave in March