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jimbigfish.jpg (27725 bytes)Jim Daniel with his biggest fish ever..... so far..... at 4.96 pounds.



guadmack1.JPG (17484 bytes)John Mackey and Kevin Guadalupe Show off two fine fish. Kevin's 6.73 hawg was the number two big bass of the 2000/2001 season.



larrysk.jpg (25392 bytes)Larry Skaggs shows how he uses the shadow from his foot to tell time so he can be to the weigh in on time.



pike.jpg (17105 bytes)Steve Pike at the dock.



mvbam.jpg (17355 bytes)Bam Alamillo and Scott Martin with a nice Mohave bass.



mvaprbrou.jpg (19904 bytes) James Broughton wrappin it up.



mvaprmikepatric.jpg (18827 bytes)Mike Lafavor showin Patrick Davis the new stick.



mvaprellis.jpg (16860 bytes) Matt Ellis relaxes after a day in the sun.



mvaprnicole.jpg (14998 bytes) Nicole Stark showin off what didn't catch the biggun.



mvapremilio.jpg (17973 bytes) Hey guys, which hole does the plug go in? Emilio Mijares was runnin the bilge all day.



mvaprweighin.jpg (13523 bytes) Craig Mackey takein down the weights.



ech601samfish.jpg (14779 bytes)Sam Schiers with a couple gooduns.



ech601patrick.jpg (12743 bytes)The one, The only, Patrick "Flippin" Davis waits to hear what his fish weigh.



ech601mickfish.jpg (12767 bytes)Mick Ratcliff, webdude and piktcher taker with a pair of nice Mead fish!



Copy of ech601bigfish2.jpg (16186 bytes)Arron Leon with the fish that pushed him to the top for the June 2001 win. The bigger fish weighed 6.80 pounds and beat Kevin Guadalupe's 6.73 largemouth for big bass of the year 2000/2001.


SamJune 10, 2001 (2) (1).jpg (10571 bytes)Sam Shiers with a NICE 7.12 he caught in the March of 99 LVBC tournament in the Overton area.



Scottmohave.JPG (16118 bytes)Scott Martin shows off a couple of the fish that helped him get his first check ever in a tournament.



mhv1001lenny2.jpg (14862 bytes)Lenny Helmbolt with a pair of nice Mohave largemouth.



mhv1001kieth2.jpg (19849 bytes)Kieth Ferlanie with a couple of "Mohave Monsters" Both fish were over 5 pounds and came on back to back casts about 5 feet apart. Reckon Mohave has any good fish in it?


mhv1001mick.jpg (22978 bytes)Mick Ratcliff shows off what wasn't quite enough on Mohave in October.



mhv1001nicole.jpg (16296 bytes)El Presidente Nicole Stark idlein by.



mhv1001lennykyle.jpg (18060 bytes)Lenny Helmbolt and Kyle Linton waitin for the weighin that would get them second place, missing first by 1/100th.



Copy of brentpatrick0202.jpg (18204 bytes)Patrick Davis, Brent Becker, and others await the opening of the scales.



bruceboat0202.jpg (57314 bytes)Bruce Martin's version of a convertible submarine.



Copy of johnjames0302.jpg (20453 bytes)John James with a nice Lake Havasu Bass.



Copy of theguys0302.jpg (20518 bytes)Alex Griesdorf instructs Brian Ravelo, Scott Martin and Jay Legan on how to fight a small mouth.



Copy of griesdorf0302.jpg (16762 bytes)Alex with the fish that gives him personal knowledge enough to instruct.



Copy of hoover0302.jpg (19962 bytes)Dave Hoover and Kyle Linton arrive at the weigh in.



Copy of ravelo0302.jpg (20834 bytes)Brian Ravelo and Scott Martin.



Copy of legan0302.jpg (20080 bytes)Jay Legan in his rough water boat.



Copy of nicolequail0202.jpg (17073 bytes)Nicole Stark with a puny little Quail Creek runt. She caught it on a Black Jack Jig.... or something else........



angelamichelleguererro.jpg (20533 bytes)Guererro finally catches a keeper!! Angela Michelle Guererro, daughter of member Mike Guererro and wife Charla poses with some of the baits she was born to use.



Copy of 1002williams.jpg (21527 bytes)New president Paul Williams Wrapping up a busy October day.




Copy of 1002becker.jpg (22873 bytes)Brent Becker and his first Lake Mead Smallmouth.




Copy of 1102daniel.jpg (22245 bytes)Jim Daniel and Gary Rank after a tough November tournament on Mohave.